Sanctuary State To Lose ALL Federal Funding – They Said This Would NEVER Happen

One wonders just how far the state of California is willing to continue to push the envelope for illegal immigration? Just how much is pandering to illegal aliens worth?

The Department of Justice just issued a second and final warning to the state California sternly letting its Democrat Governor, Jerry Brown, state leadership, and the citizenry were given an ultimatum – you can be a sanctuary state that flouts federal immigration law or you can keep the federal tax dollars flowing … but you cannot have both.

Fox News reports

“Earlier this month, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a so-called “sanctuary state” bill which basically erects a wall between California law enforcement and federal immigration enforcement officers. The bill forbids California cops from providing release and other information that isn’t publicly available in response to a request for notification from federal law enforcement.

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The government has been pushing for notification from local authorities about when they have an undocumented immigrant in custody who has committed a crime, saying to withhold that information, and then release that person onto the streets is putting local communities in danger.

Supporters argue that sanctuary policies allow local and state law enforcement officers to build crucial relationships with immigrant communities. Critics say not turning over people living in the country illegally puts the public in danger. Wednesday’s letter urges California to comply federal statute (8 USC 1373) which bars local jurisdictions from limiting communication with federal law enforcement about a person’s immigration status or whereabouts. The letter states that California’s new law (SB54) “May violate,” 1373.

Department of Justice Officials tell Fox News this situation could result with future federal grants being withheld from California, that threat has been a common thread in this ongoing story. However DOJ officials also tell Fox they could “clawback” funds already awarded to the Golden State.

For instance California received more than $18 million in federal grants from the Department of Justice in 2016, funds DOJ officials say could be subject to a “clawback.”

‘In early October, the State of California codified into law a requirement that local police release criminal aliens back onto our streets. This law undermines public safety and national security, was opposed by law enforcement, and potentially violates federal law,’ said DOJ spokesman Devin O’Malley. ‘The abandonment of the rule of law evades all common sense, especially given the multiple high-profile incidents that have occurred in California as a result of similar policies. The Justice Department urges California to reconsider these so-called ‘sanctuary policies.’”

The so-called “sanctuary state” law, California “Sanctuary State” Bill (SB 54) – 

  • Prohibits state and local law enforcement from holding illegal aliens on the basis of federal
  • immigration detainers, or transferring them into federal custody, unless they’ve been convicted in
  • the last 15 years for one of a list of 31 crimes, or are a registered s*x offender: if not, they may only
  • be held with a warrant from a federal judge
  • Prohibits state and local law enforcement from asking anyone about their immigration status
  • Prohibits state and local law enforcement from sharing any information with federal immigration
  • authorities that is not available to the general public
  • Prohibits state and local law enforcement from using any of their money or personnel to
  • “investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes”
  • Prohibits state and local law enforcement from allowing federal immigration authorities to use
  • space in their facilities
  • Limits how and when state and local law enforcement can contract with federal immigration
  • authorities
  • Grants discretion to state and local law enforcement to cooperate even less with federal
  • immigration authorities than the bill authorize them to, but not more
  • Is near-universally recognized and described by both its supporters and opponents as a sanctuary
  • state bill: protects illegal aliens at the expense of citizens, will increase illegal immigration to
  • California, and sends the message that illegal aliens are welcome everywhere in the state

The Federalist Papers took a look at all 261 sanctuary jurisdictions in the United States at risk for defunding back in August. All told, over $30 million in Byrne Justice Assistance Grant money, which account for the lion’s share of federal aid to states and localities for criminal justice, is at stake.

The Federalist Papers has previously covered how this indefensible policy will continue to affect Americans with the increase in crime, continued and increased government insolvency, less assimilation amongst illegal aliens to American culture, and fewer jobs for American citizens.

To many Americans, it is patently absurd that this is still even a topic for discussion, let alone a continued debate.

How is the proposition that higher levels of government have a right to require that lower levels of government actually enforce the law possibly controversial, especially in light of the fact that the law is clearly constitutional and immigration clearly falls under the scope of that office’s enumerated powers?

The answer, while obvious, is not simple, in that in a sane political climate, it wouldn’t be.

In response to simple common sense, the progressive left likes to claim that sanctuary cities are somehow good for law enforcement because illegals feel freer to report crimes if they know talking to police will not get them deported.

Yet in July that talking point took a hit thanks to the release of statistics showing that crime actually decreased in Phoenix, Arizona after the city dropped its sanctuary status –

According to Levi Bolton, the executive director to the Arizona Police Association, when Phoenix suspended its sanctuary city policies, instead of endangering the citizens, the opposite happened.

“We saw a decrease in crime,” said Bolton. “It had a deterrent effect on folks because the risk of discovery went up exponentially when we actually enforced the law.”

Under the new policies, law enforcement could ask suspects if they are in the U.S. legally, and they could inform immigration agencies about violations of federal laws.

Fox News reported that the m****r rate in Phoenix fell by 27 percent, robberies fell by 23 percent, and assault fell by 13 percent. Even more minor crimes fell, with burglaries by 14 percent and theft by 19 percent.

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