Liberals Are Calling For CPS To Take Away Trump Jr’s Kids After Image He Posted On Social Media

Liberals have now taken to shaming Donald Trump Jr. as a parent. Why might you ask? Because he posted a short video on Instagram of his kids playing with a Nerf blaster. But that’s wasn’t what set liberals off. The issue they had was that although the video shows Don’s 5-year-old son Spencer first it later goes on to show his 3-year-old daughter Chloe, shirtless!

Seriously people? This is what you are upset about? A 3-year-old little girl without a shirt? While your hero Bill Clinton allegedly makes multiple trips to Epstein’s famed island?

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Look at what the liberal black publication “The Root” published about this:

“Donald Trump Jr. is two wheels short of a functioning tricycle. He’s two Twix short of a full pack. He’s one shoe short of pair. The man isn’t just dumb; he’s arguably the dumbest member of a historically dumb family. If you put Little Fingers Sr., Donald Jr., Ivanka (aka Contempo Causals) and Eric “Vampire Face” Trump in a battle royal in which the dumbest one survives, I’d put money on Donald Trump Jr.

On Tuesday, the father of five thought it was a good idea to post a video clip of his two youngest children, 5-year-old Spencer and 3-year-old Chloe, s******g Nerf g**s at each other on Instagram.

“Morning nerf g*n battle time. Spencer and Chloe really abusing me me this AM … but now it may be time to fight back with tickle time,” Dumb Donald Jr. captioned the photo. And all of this is fine—except his 3-year-old daughter was playing without a shirt.

People immediately began shaming the dumbest of the Trump offspring.

“Chloe needs a shirt on and get rid of the moronic toy,” wrote one commenter, Yahoo reports.

One scolded, “Put a shirt on Chloe!!!”

“All that money … dress your children,” wrote another.

There are several issues that I have with the video, and the first isn’t that Chloe doesn’t have on a shirt—rather, it’s why her dumbass father thought it was a good idea to post a video of his shirtless daughter on the interwebs. Most politicians go to extraordinary lengths to keep their children out of the public eye, and not only is this jackhole posting his kids (again, no problem) but his son is also fully dressed in said video while his daughter is topless. I have no problem with Dumb Donald’s daughter being topless in her home, but why does this need to be viewed by his 1.1 million followers? I get that this a real-life moment that Donnie Dumbass wanted to share, but maybe, in hindsight, you look back at the video as a father and realize that your daughter doesn’t have on a damn shirt and you don’t post it.

Again, I’m not arguing that Chloe can’t be shirtless in her own home; I’m appalled that a dad thinks it’s cool to post images of his shirtless 3-year-old daughter on Instagram. Yes, I’m dad-shaming Donald Trump Jr.—first, because fuck that guy, and second, fuck that guy. A father’s job is to protect his children at all costs. I also know that it’s hard for tiny children to keep clothes on. While a father wants to capture every moment, every moment doesn’t have to be shared.

In the words of my mother, who is always perpetually cold and will sit in my house wearing a cardigan in the middle of summer with a broken air conditioner, “Put a shirt on that baby!”

Wit’ yo dumb ass.”

Notice how an unknown writer and editor from an extreme far left internet publication calls Don Jr. who is a successful businessman in his own right a “Dumb Ass.”

It’s time you people on the left get your damn minds out of the gutter and stop this unjust attack on the Trump Family. You all know perfectly well that if a liberal like Chelsea Clinton or either of the Obama Daughters would post a video like this of their 3-year-old daughter you would have no issue whatsoever and even call it “Liberating and Innocent.” But your bias and outright hate run so deep that it makes you sick in the head and you see something sexual in a 3-year-old girl without a shirt. And frankly, that’s sickening.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this video other than the liberals who watched it who have sick minds and used it to once again attack the first family. There is no reason for Don Jr. to be shamed for posting this video just as there is no reason for anyone else to be shamed for posting a video like this. And deep down Liberals know this, but the Trump hate is just so ingrained in their souls that they just cannot help themselves.

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